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neocache cover smashwordsNeocache is the account of a mixture of geocaching and cyber intelligence that goes horribly wrong.

From Neocache:

…You can find all of this for yourself if you Google my name (go ahead and try it). But what you probably won’t find is any mention of the neocache website, or any reference to nuclear missile silos. All of that has been wiped clean, as if it never happened.

There’s a story behind that, as you might guess. It may take some time to tell, but the guards here tell me I have all the time in the world…

It started innocently enough as, I suppose, most bad ideas do. One of us commented that the only problem with geocaching is the artificial aspect of it: some person needs to hide the cache. Wouldn’t it be better if we could search for things that were hidden, but not by someone playing a game?

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Neocache is a spellbinding story set in the new frontier of intelligence gathering. Did it really happen? I can’t comment on that. — General Malcolm O. Morage, Ret.

Lazenby, author of the acclaimed Playing With Fire, gives us a refreshing new cyber thriller. Get comfortable: you won’t put it down. Publishers Bimonthly

Librarians will have a hard time deciding whether to classify this as fiction or non-fiction. Either way, it’s a great read. Jennifer Espejis, Los Angeles Specter