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Welcome to the official web site for author Scott Lazenby

Any comments, suggestions on the web site?


  1. Sandy Said,

    E and f

  2. Bill Leslie Said,

    I like E. Kristi likes either B or E.

  3. Mary Said,

    I like C or A best – especially for young adult. But D and E are pretty cool too. That doesn’t narrow it down much, does it?

  4. Linda Malone Said,

    I like E and second would be A. I think the earth in E is a nice connection to the storyline. Is this the completion of the draft story that I read a while back?

  5. Jerry Davis Said,

    C is my fist choice followed closely be E

  6. John Said,

    F and C. I like keeping the double helix more schematic than geometric, and I like tying in the 1s and 0s.

  7. Rachelle Said,

    1. F 2. E

  8. A. E. Lazenby Said,

    B or E with some tweaking of the font.

  9. Anne Said,

    E because of the global potential. C is my second choice; the graphic and borders are visually appealing. B is a close third for it’s more dynamic look.
    Is that synopsis being published? It gives too much away.

  10. Scott Said,

    Answers to questions….
    From Linda — yes, it’s the refined version of 2044 (working title from a few years back)
    From Anne — the synopsis is from query letters to agents; the blurb on the back cover of the final book will definitely be less revealing.
    Thanks for all your feedback!