Scott Lazenby’s avocation is writing, but in his  day job he serves as the city manager for a town in Oregon. He also teaches public administration as an adjunct professor for Portland State University. He has a BA in physics from Reed College, an MS in public management & policy from Carnegie-Mellon University, and a PhD in public administration & policy from the Hatfield School of Government at Portland State.

Lazenby was born in Delhi, India, and has lived in Algiers, Geneva, Hong Kong, and Sydney. He and his wife Sandy have lived in Oregon for the past twenty-six years.

Writers are readers, and Lazenby’s interests range from thrillers and mysteries to sci-fi. His role model as an author is the late Michael Crichton, who used a wide variety of settings and concepts (Jurassic Park, Disclosure, Rising Sun) as the foundation for good stories.

To contact Scott, send an e-mail to sdlazenby at yahoo dot com.