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Reviews for Neocache

Neocache is a spellbinding story set in the new frontier of intelligence gathering. Did it really happen? I can’t comment on that. — General Malcolm O. Morage, Ret.

Lazenby, author of the acclaimed Playing With Fire, gives us a refreshing new cyber thriller. Get comfortable: you won’t put it down. --Publishers Bimonthly

Librarians will have a hard time deciding whether to classify this as fiction or non-fiction. Either way, it’s a great read. --Jennifer Espejis, Los Angeles Specter

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Prayer Chain


I wrote Prayer Chain because the premise seemed interesting. My own church has a prayer chain, and messages sometimes get garbled. What would happen (in a fictional world) if people prayed for the wrong things and the wrong things really happened?


But another motivation for writing the book was to add to the “Christian fiction” genre with a different kind of story: no diatribes against abortion or bizarre scenes from the end times. No grappling with heavy theological issues (it’s fiction). Just a story about regular people dealing with life, including the spiritual side of faith and seeking meaning in an often difficult world.  -SL

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