The Hunter



A wildlife photographer, fed up with the killing and destruction caused by poachers, transfers his skill in shooting a camera to shooting a sniper rifle.

The hunter becomes the prey as law enforcement agencies struggle to track him down. Julio Escobar and Rose Bloom, two young detectives with the major crimes task force, find themselves building both a professional and personal relationship in their pursuit of the vigilante. But their resolve is weakened when the suspect appears to save the life of a game warden.

The backdrop to the chase is the majestic Gifford Pinchot National Forest, spanning 1.3 million acres bounded by the Columbia River and the Cascade peaks of Mt. St. Helems, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Rainier.

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Reviews and Comments

"Believable characters and a strong story to give us a great story. I hope for a sequel soon."

"Although I'm not usually a reader of crime/suspense fiction, I was thoroughly impressed with this book. In "The Hunter" Mr. Lazenby creates believable, unique characters that kept me interested and engaged in their choices and actions, even if I didn't always agree with them. I found the story completely suspenseful and the ending had a nice twist that was unexpected.

As a lover of nature and as a photographer, I found the idea of a vigilante nature photographer an original premise. I wasn't disappointed in the way Mr. Lazenby carried out the plot and how the story unfolded. The scenery was beautifully written, the characters reasons for their choices were clear, and the idea was brilliant. Excellent read!"

"Read the book in 4 days - a record for me. Great thriller with enough twists to keep the reader engaged clear to the end."